Thursday, 27 February 2014

My everyday body moisturiser.

Vaseline esential moisture cocoa radiant body lotion & Vaseline cocoa smoothing body butter! 

I have been using these product for a fair few years now and it has become part of my everyday routine. I love the smell of these products and the way they make your skin look and feel.

For the colder months of the year I tend to use the body butter, as I feel it is more hydrating & lasts better on the skin.

For the warmer months I use the body lotion as it is lighter & absorbs into the skin quickly! 

I really do love these products as they are inexpensive between £4-£9 (depending on where you purchase it) and they leave your skin glowing and feeling beautiful! 

Having said all this I am now looking for a different moisturiser as like I said I have been using this stuff for years and want to see what else is available. 

What would you recommend? 
Please leave your suggestions in the comments and I will try to test them out and do reviews on them in the future :)