Monday, 10 March 2014

Lip Care Favourites

Here are just a few of my favourite lip care products :) 

First off are...
Sweet lips- lips scrub by Lush, this product is my favourite of all the lush lip scrubs, I love the chocolate flavour, and I think this works really well. But I would say it is quite pricey for what it is.

Mango lip butter- by the body shop. I really like this product it works well, last long, really nourishes your lips but makes your lips look rather washed out. 

Carmex moisturising lip balm in strawberry, I LOVE this product, it works instantly, leaves your lips soft and crack free, and really nourishes deep, I also love the fact it has SPF 15 in it so it's perfect for the summer and vacations :) Well worth the price :) (May have a burning sensation on first use) 

Burt's Bees refreshing lip balm in pink grapefruit, I really love the sent of this lip balm, I find these are better for the winter months, and it really moisturises your lips, the only problem I have with these is that I always loose them, or the lid, cause it doesn't securely stay on! :( And I don't know why! Haha! Other than that though it's a brilliant product :) 

Last but not least.
Ye olde favourite.... Vaseline! You can't go wrong! It's inexpensive comes in a huge range of flavours, all doing differnt things, some have SPF some smell like you could just eat it, they are all the best thing for your lips, and no matter what scent you want you can probably get it in Vaseline form! My personal favourite is the Aloe Vera, I don't know why it just is :) 

Leave in the comments what your favourite lip care product is! Because I want to try some more :)