Thursday, 26 June 2014

7 Tips for a better you!

Hey guys

So today I thought I would talk about my 7 easy tips for "healthy eating/weighloss/happiness" these are all steps I personally follow, and I wanted to share them with you so without further ado let's jump right in :) 

1: Dieting Is So Last Year! 
   Do not diet! Once you say to yourself you are on a diet you open up the path way to restrict yourself and you will most probably fall off the wagon! Heathy eating is a change in lifestyle not just a 5 minute thing! So ban those diets!!! 

2: Wa Wa Wa Water!!! 
    Chug! chug! Chug! Yup you probably guessed this would be on here! Water is amazing for your entire body and keeps everything working nicely! 👍 I personally try to drink 2 litres of water a day! Seems a lot right! But you feel so much better for it! But be careful! You may not want too heavy on the aqua bombs! Otherwise you can cause yourself to be over hydrated and that makes you feel like poop! 

3:Fast Food? Hell Yeah!!! 
  Do I love a deep pan cheese, pepperoni and jalepenos pizza with a cheese stuffed crust? Uh duhhh! Do I eat it all the time? Urmm...nope! Moderation is key when changing your eating habits! Do not restrict yourself anything just eat it in moderation! But my top tip would be completely cut fizzy drinks/sodas from your life! Try it you will notice the difference! 

4: Snack Snack Snacking! 
   Tempted by last nights left overs now because you are "slightly" peckish? Well stop right there snack on food that are minus (yes you read right) MINUS calories! Get a workout whilst you eat :) 

5: Eurghh Do I Have To Go Outside? 
   Unfortunately yes! If you want to loose weight you will have to get your arse out of bed and go workout but instead of hitting the gym and being body conscious or getting freaked out by the creepy dude that keeps staring at you. Try find new inventive ways to work out! Personally I love to play fight with my boyfriend or friends you get a all over body workout whilst having a laugh! 

6: 2,500-768=? Oh fxck it! 
   Calorie counting? What's that? Do not become one of those people reading the back of packets of everything they buy! If you are buying healthy foods and are eating small portions say goodbye to the numbers and hello to life! 

7: Weight Is Only A Number! 
   Do not go by what the scales say! Go by the way you look and what you think looks best! Everyone is different the perfect "weight" for you may be completely wrong for me! So bin those scales and just keep track by eye or by photos! 

So their you have it my 7 easy tips for a healthy lifestyle! I appologise if you have heard them before but they are personally what I stick too! If you have any questions you can find me on twitter or if you wish to ask anonymously you can on askfm both under the name NicoleePrentice 

Be healthy be happy and you can move mountains! 

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.