Thursday, 31 July 2014

What is love?

Relationships, now I'm no expert at all, but I've learned a few tricks that may help you out! So let's jump right in! 

1: You don't need to be together constantly! 
 Yup, it's difficult sometimes and you may have had a crap day and just want to see him/her, but space is vital! You will end up suffocating each other and will just argue! Plus girls don't you just want some alone time to do all that girly crap like have a bath and listen to some pre-pubescent boyband sing their hearts out!

2: Guys panic! 
 Ever been in an argument with your boyfriend over something he's done, or you think he has lied to you, and he stumbles over his words too which then you automatically assume he HAS been lying to you. Well you may be wrong, most likely case is you've put him on the spot, and the tiny versions of himself running around in his brain trying to come up with an answer have all head butted each other and passed out, that's my theory as to why men just switch off! 

3: "I love him!" "Urm you've been together a day" 
Don't be that person! Don't do it! You sound like a f*cking idiot! You've known him like what a week and going out a for 1 day! We'll excuse me I call bullshit on you loving him already! Just stop people with saying that! It is impossible! 

4: If he tries, he's a keeper! 
So for this one I've got a little story, the other day I worked a 15 hour shift and when I got home my boyfriend made me dinner! Now this too you may seem normal but he has never done it before, purely because I just love too cook and won't let him! But how cute is this?
Yeah there's a mountain of peas, but I just thought it was so sweet If he tries and you try just as hard it'll work! 

5: Trust Issues
If you love you boyfriend/girlfriend and you know they love you and neither side wouldn't even think of hurting each other then there is no reason not to trust them! So he/she wants to hang out with their friends, let them, if you respect and trust them you have nothing to worry about! 

So that's my 5 random tips to help out your relationship! 
Do you have any tips? If so leave them in the comment below :) 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Too many flavours to choose from!

So, guys this is the most random blog I have written but I just needed to tell you guys how amazing this ice cream was I had yesterday. I and a few friends went to lyndhurst and found this really cute ice cream shop! We we're suppose to get fish and chips but the chippy was shut! I think we made a good substitute! 

So the flavours are as follows: 

Chocolate fudge brownie! 
So yummy! Smooth chocolate ice cream with hazelnut mixed in and chocolate chips with fudge pieces and sauce! 

White chocolate chip! 
The white chocolate ice cream tasted exactly like a Milky Bar! And had huge milk chocolate chips in it! 

Oh my god guys if you love snickers and have never tried snickers ice cream you need to it's amazing!!! 

Comment down below what your favourite ice cream is?