Monday, 28 July 2014

Too many flavours to choose from!

So, guys this is the most random blog I have written but I just needed to tell you guys how amazing this ice cream was I had yesterday. I and a few friends went to lyndhurst and found this really cute ice cream shop! We we're suppose to get fish and chips but the chippy was shut! I think we made a good substitute! 

So the flavours are as follows: 

Chocolate fudge brownie! 
So yummy! Smooth chocolate ice cream with hazelnut mixed in and chocolate chips with fudge pieces and sauce! 

White chocolate chip! 
The white chocolate ice cream tasted exactly like a Milky Bar! And had huge milk chocolate chips in it! 

Oh my god guys if you love snickers and have never tried snickers ice cream you need to it's amazing!!! 

Comment down below what your favourite ice cream is?