Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Cheaper alternative to makeup brush cleaner!!

Cleaning your makeup brushes can be a real pain and brush cleaners are expensive but I have now found a cheaper alternative and it's only £4.50! Now that may seem expensive just to clean your brushes but it is so much cheaper than other alternitives out there! 

The product I use is the Body Shop's rainforest balance shampoo for oily hair! 

I absolutely love using this product to deep clean my brushes! It really got down deep into the bristles and got all the makeup out! 

I didn't take a before picture as my brushes where disgusting but I can't believe how well it cleaned them and they smelt really lovely too!

The brushes I use are real techniques
-Stippiling Brush 
-Powder Brush 
-Foundation brush 
-Detailer Brush 
-Contour Brush 
But I can't remember what the brush 3rd from the right is! Sorry guys! 

What is your alternitives to expensive brush cleaners? And what brushes do you use? 


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