Friday, 12 September 2014

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!!

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!!
Makes 12

You will need:

For Cakes:
2 Eggs
- 100g Sugar
- 100g Self-Raising Flour
- 100g Butter, Melted
- 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

For The Cookie Monster:
- Betty Crocker Vanilla Buttercream
Desiccated Coconut
- 24 White Chocolate Buttons
- 24 Milk or Dark Chocolate Chips (dependant on taste)
- Blue Food Colouring
- 6 Chocolate Chip Cookies

How To:

Cake Mix:

1: Preheat oven to 180c/160Fan/Gas 4 place 12 cupcake cases into a 12 hole cupcake tin.

2: Put the sugar and butter into a mixing bowl and blend together until smooth.

3: Break both eggs into a cup, mix and add 1tsp of Vanilla Extract.

4: Slowly mix the egg into the butter/sugar making sure it has fully blended in.

5: Sift in the flour, and mix till all combined!

6: Spoon the mix equally into the cupcake cases and bake for 15-20 minutes until they have risen and darkened slightly.

7: Once cooked, remove from tray, place on cooling rack and allow to fully cool before decorating.

Cookie Monster:

1: Take 24 white chocolate buttons and place them out on a tray covered in Clingfilm.

2: Gently dip the flat bottom of each chocolate chip into the Betty Crocker Vanilla Buttercream and then place the chocolate chip onto the white button close to the edge.

3: Repeat these steps with the rest of the buttons, once finished, place the tray into the fridge and allow to cool and set. You will know when they are set as you can turn the buttons upside down and the chocolate chips will not fall off!

4: Mix a cap full of the blue food colouring into the tub of buttercream and mix it until it is the right colour blue you want, add more food colouring if you wish.

5: Pour about half a packet of desiccated coconut into a bowl that you don't mind if it ends up getting stained. Mix in about a cap full of blue food colouring stirring until the coconut is completely blue.

6: Now the cakes are cool, scoop on a spoonful of the blue buttercream making sure it is quite thick and spread until you cannot see the cake below.

7: Quickly before the buttercream sets sprinkle on top the blue coconut or you can do what I did and roll the top of the cake into the bowl of coconut shaping it until its perfectly round.

8: Take 6 Chocolate chip cookies and gently cut them in half making sure you do not break them, and push the cut side into the cake about 1/2 a centimetre away from the edge.

9:Take the chocolate button eyes you made earlier and push them into the top of the cake as well.

10:  And there you have it 12 Cookie Monster cakes!

I hoped you liked this!  They are super easy to make and are great for birthdays and parties!

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