Saturday, 25 October 2014

Asda's Halloween Decorations

I love Halloween and the other day I popped into asda to just look at what products they have and I couldn't resist myself!!! 

How adorable are all of these the candles are £4 each where as the rest of the products are a £1!! So if you want some really lovely Halloween products visit asda :) 

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Bad Break Ups & Crappy Relationships

So... We've all had those crappy relationships, that have ended badly so I thought I would share my "5 warning signs of a crappy relationship" and "5 ways to make a breakup easier" 

"5 Warning signs of a crappy relationship"

1: Oh no no no no you're not going there! 
   Being in a controlling relationship is tough to say the least, it can make you feel crap about yourself, like you're trapped, suffocated, and a child. In a relationship there should be trust, and you should be able to do what you want and see who you want, without feeling guilty or like you are betraying your partner. 

2: You're fat 
   Domestic abuse doesn't have to be physical it can be mental too, if you find your partner insults you about your appearance or your weight or how much you eat or any of them things it can class as domestic abuse and believe me they don't eventually stop like you think they will it can carry on, get worse and end up in physical abuse! 

3: You Dirty Little Cheat 
    Cheating can occur at any point in your relationship, honestly if you are 16-25 years old and the person you are with cheats on you, leave them and move on (assuming no children are involved) it is the best thing you could do, seems hard at the time but totally worth it! 

4: "Where are you? Who are you with" 
    If there isn't trust then there's no point in being together, you need trust in a relationship to build a stable foundation to build upon, if they can't stand to be away from you for one night because they don't trust you, sorry but your relationship needs to end! 

5: If you don't do this I'm going to do this! 
   Blackmailing in a relationship is toxic no one should make you do something you don't want to by threatening to expose something about you, you don't want people to see or know, if this is happening to you then run for the hills, because it will get worse! 
"5 Ways to make a breakup easier" 

1: But what if? 
   Don't dwell on the past it makes things worse! Should of, would of, could of, your relationship ended for a reason and that's the way it has to be! 

2: Clutter Free 
   Throw away or give back any items that are theirs or that remind you of them afterwards you feel so much better. 

3: No Contact No Trouble 
    Remove them from all social network sites and delete or even block their number, if they can't contact you there is no way they can guilt trip you into taking them back! 

4: Now I'm A Warrior 
    If you see them don't show that you're upset about the breakup after all it was the best decision you have ever made! 

5: I Told You It Was Doomed From The Beginning 
     Friends and family are honestly what you need right now, so spend some quality time with them, and you will soon enough forget about it! 

So there you have it guys hope you enjoyed this. 
 "Stay Strong, Be Beautiful & Dream of Tomorrow" 

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