Monday, 17 November 2014

My UPDATED makeup brush cleaning routine!!

So recently someone asked me to do a blog brush on my updated makeup brush cleaning routine so here it is :) 

(Once again I don't have any "dirty" makeup brush pics) 

But... Here they are all clean!!!

As you can see from this pic my real techniques Stippiling brush (the pink one) is still dirty looking this is due to staining from Halloween face paint! 

All I use to clean my brushes is about a table spoon of antibacterial washing up liquid and extra virgin olive oil with about a teaspoon of white cider vinegar all mixed together, and I've found this is the best combination to sterilise my brushes whilst moisturising them! 

I swirl the brush in the mixture then swirl it around in my hand and then sit to rest whilst I do all the others and once there all done, go back and rince them all thoroughly in warm water and sometimes depending how dirty the brush is repeat this cycle again! Then I just pat dry and leave to air dry! 

Little tip: always wash your brushes downwards otherwise you will get an excessive amount of water into the actual brush and this can loosen the glue and make the actual brush part fall out! 

I do this about once or twice a week as well as spot cleaning my brushes after every use! 
So there is my updated brush cleaning routine! 

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