Sunday, 3 May 2015

Living with depression!

Depression sucks!!! They're no two ways about it... And if you don't learn how to at least "control" (I say control in the most vague way available, I don't really think you can truly control it) iit can "control" you! 

I have suffered from depression for many years now and I wanted to share with other suffers some simple tips that I've found helped me! 
(By the way... I am no way saying these will work for everyone they just help me) 

1: Let it all out!!! 

When you're depressed keeping everything locked up inside can just make you feel worse... Talk to someone about it... And if you can't, write it all down, getting out what's wrong in someway shape or form will at least make you feel better (if only a fraction, it's better than nothing) 

2: Keep on moving!!

Keep your brain busy... Even if it is just going for a walk or cleaning your room I tend to find when I'm depressed if I force myself to do the tasks I don't want to do I feel a greater sense of accomplishment 1... Because I don't have to worry about doing all the crap I didn't want to do and 2... I didn't let my depression control me, I managed to get up and do what needed to be done!! 

3: Food is your friend!!! 
Eating really good food can make you feel better (although don't go running to McDonald's too quickly) hey... I love junk food as much as the next person! But I find even though it tastes sooooo freak'n good!!! It makes me feel crappy and bloated and that's not good! Try healthier alternatives! Like I am loving a cauliflower based pizza at the minute (recipe coming soon) and stuffed jacket potatoes (also recipe coming soon) cause if your like me if your hungry your angry and angry and depressed is not a good combination!! 

4: Change your space!!

Rearranging your room makes you not only feel like you accomplished something it can also feel like it's all new... Just by moving your bed to face a different way can acheive so much in making you feel better! 

5: Makeup!

This sounds so weird... But when I'm depressed I get my makeup out, and sit infront of my mirror and try out new makeup looks... It just makes me happy whilst I also find out what makeup works and what doesn't! I don't know it's just silly things like that that make me feel better! 

So that's it just 5 simple tips... I know you've probably heard all these before... But yeah it's just what I do... If you want to know any more I can do another one of these because over the years I have learnt hundreds! And I would love to share them with people... If they could some how help!