Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The best things about your early twenties and the worst!

Being 21 is a pain in the bum... not going to lie. I wish I was 5 again and to not have a care in the world, but that being said they're some good things about it! So... I thought I would share with you some of the best and worst things about being in your early twenties (that I wish someone would of told me).

Good things about your early twenties!

1: You have more freedom!
    I can do what I want, go where I want, buy what I want and stay up as late as I want! 

2: You get to make your own decisions.
    Yes I do want to buy dominoes for dinner and no one can stop me! mwahahahaaaa

3: Obviously you can vote, and drink and things like that.
    Hmmm politics still don't understand... ahh alcohol nectar of the gods!

4: People respect you more.
     Yes I AM a freakin' adult! Treat me like one!

5: You actually start to live your life properly.
     Oh my god I am actually starting to set plans and goals for myself

6: If you're one of the lucky ones is likely you wont get hangovers
    Mmmhmm Enjoy it while it lasts!

7: You can wear what you want.
    Updating your wardrobe in your early twenties is a must!

8: EVERYONE is as confused as you are, about what to do with their lives.
    RELAX... You are not on your own, everyone struggles in their 20's

9: You're still young enough to travel the world!
     Go out and see the world while you still can... one day you'll be too old too.

10: Vacations with your friends!
       Yes camping for a weekend with great friends is a amazing time!

Bad things about your early twenties!

1: You probably wont have any money
    I swear it's just all disappeared!

2: The pressure to move out of your family home is immense!
     But I don't want to live on my own! That means cleaning and dishes!

3: Working all the time!
    Can I please have a day off? No? Great -_-

4: Why is everyone having babies?
    How can you afford a child! I cant even afford food!

5: Realising that person who was always drunk and the life of the party is actually a borderline alcoholic.
     Your kidneys and liver are going to be ruined!

6: Still feeling like a little kid sometimes!
      *On the phone* Mom what are taxes any why do I have to pay them?

7: Why do I have so much paperwork?
    Where am I going to put all this?

8: Why do I owe so many companies money?
     Just leave me alone! ( Buries head in sand)

9: When will I not have to check my bank account just to see if I can afford this £2 sandwich.
    Please say one day I wont have to keep checking il just know what I can afford!

10: I thought being able to buy my own junk food would be good but its just made me fat!
     Why? Why? Why?

So their you have it ten point of each I hope you've enjoyed this! And aren't too depressed about being or going into your twenties!