Monday, 6 July 2015

Fast, Effective, & Extremely Cheap Sunburn Relief!!!!

Coconut Oil!!!

So at the weekend I and a few friends went to Bournemouth Beach, after laying in the sun for only a few hours I came away extremely burnt! Burnt to the point where I had chills and my fingers where tingling and numb... now I would never advise anyone else to lie on the beach with no sunscreen and drink very little water all day, but stupidly that's what I did and I am now suffering the consequences of that poorly made decision... But behold... My saviour...and at the small price of £2.29....

I applied this liberally to the affected area and instantly it took away the itchiness and burning and really calmed down the redness... it also helped to prevent me peeling... and also did you know coconut oil is a natural sunscreen? I know right weird, seen as its a oil!

But honestly this has been my sunburn saviour and I would well recommend you use it if you get burnt!

Be safe and WEAR SUNSCREEN the highest factor the better! You will still tan but you wont damage your skin