Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Dear You...

Dear You...

I get it.

You're upset, you're disappearing into the background, no one notices, and when they do it's only to be mean, no one notices you're depressed, no one notices you're not eating, no one notices that you're crying your self to sleep at night.

They call you names
FAT... thanks you already knew
STICK INSECT... You lost all that weight because they called you fat
SLUT... You're still a virgin
LOOSER... Because you like school?
BITCH... Because you tried to ignore them

They say words don't hurt but that's pure shit!

People are mean for the sake of being mean and I'm not saying this to be bitter or make you bitter, but its true!

I know its so hard right now, but believe me it gets better, the people that are mean to you now, wont end up with a good life, I've seen what's happened to the people who where horrible to me in school and even I feel karma may have been too strong on them.

Believe me high school drama seems so trivial once your an adult, you will meet new people, experience the world, fall in love, and live and love your life.

So to you.. the girl that's walking around hanging your head low, not expressing yourself and just trying to fit in...Stop! Start showing the world what you have to offer because you are you, whether you like it or not, and its time to start believing in yourself, and not believe what the dickheads say to you, at the end of the day their "opinions" of you shouldn't mean shit.

You are amazing, you are beautiful and you are strong because you are you!

And.. don't you ever let anyone take that away from you!


The girl who was just like you.