Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I Am A Beauty Blogger But I Am NOT Dumb!

Beauty bloggers are perceived to be ditsy, brainless, superficial, cheap and sell-outs. I personally have been called all these things and let me tell you none of them are true!

I'm not a sell-out! Every review I have done of products I have paid for myself and I'm not saying people who are sent stuff to review are sell outs because they're not personally I would love to be working with brands and getting my blog seen by more people. I think its terrible we get judged when if you think about it all we are doing is trying to help people, if a product is crap I'm going to tell you it is, so you don't waist your money on it.

I'm not Brainless! I could surprise you with the stuff I know, I'm very interested in history, I did well in school and college and can speak more than one language, I'm well versed in old British culture and have read most of the great novels.

I'm not Superficial! Yes I like makeup so what? That doesn't mean I'm fake and only care about outside appearances. Makeup is something I enjoy and if I want to spend my spare money on it I will.

I do not do this blog to brag about the things I have, I used this blog as an outlet to share opinions and talk to people who have the same ideas as I do, and so what if a company wants to sponser or collab with me I should not be shamed for it! Because at the end of the day I am 21 years old and an entrepreneur and I believe if you can make a career from the internet then you should. 

Disclaimer: I did not start this blog to make money or gain "Internet fame" I started this blog because I was passionate about sharing ideas and opinions, and I believe with all the success of people like Zoella (who I think is amazing) they're a lot of people jumping on the YouTube and Blogger bandwagon and it has ruined the genuine integrity of these sites.