Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Not Working

Being 21 and unemployed is a big problem.

(Just to clarify I am not unemployed by choice, I can not work for ongoing medical conditions)

So where does that leave me?
What should I do with my time?
What can I do without money?
What is that doing to me mentally?

It's amazing people moan about how much they hate their jobs and wished they didn't have to work, but you never really understand how good it is to work until you can't. A few things I've faced in recent weeks is... Intense boredom, not having money to do things, depression and loneliness. It really does take toll on your mind and body, finding myself drained and tired all the time even though I haven't done much in a day!
An average day consists of me waking up, having a shower, checking social media, walking my dog, and maybe going out with friends in the evening, now to someone who works they may think that sounds like a dream but let me just tell you the truth about a lifestyle like this...

1: Trying to keep yourself occupied!

There is only so much day time TV, and so many times you can watch Jeremy Kyle without wanting to pack everything up and move from England.
Your house can only be so clean, I feel like I'm continually cleaning, but not actually cleaning at the same time, if you understand what I mean, I am doing the same jobs everyday so I'm cleaning things that are already clean and don't need to be done, I'm now having to wait to do laundry because I don't have enough dirty clothes to even do one load. I wanted to start doing daily vlogs on my YouTube channel but I have nothing to film that's exciting!

2: The loneliness

Go out during the day? Well... who with, everyone's at work, I suppose I could go out on my own but that gets boring after a while, I feel like I'm spending my days waiting for people to finish work just so I can go out, also you get really offended if people are tired after work and don't want to see you, it makes you feel like they're just making excuses, the truth is you just have a lot of pent up energy from not doing anything all day!

3: Money, Money, Money

Third and finally the most obvious problem about not working is that you have NO MONEY and its nearly Christmas! I love blogging and doing product reviews but yet again another problem I don't have money to buy products to do reviews. Come the weekends when everyone goes out and you cant because you're skint! Also not being able to pay bills that's amazing too... 2 months my phones been shut off now!

So yeah, I know this post has been a bit of a downer but I needed to express how crappy not working is.

Have any of you not worked for a long time? And how did it affect you?