Saturday, 14 November 2015

What's on my phone!

So I've seen quite a few of these posts and purely because I'm nosey I like seeing what apps people have on their phone so I thought I would share what I have on mine right now (As it is continually changing)

I have the IPhone 5s in gold a bit old I know but I just had to have it when it first came out and lumbered myself with a 3 year contract -_- bright idea Nicole!!!

I do have some apps I don't use much but others I use continuously!!

So on this page I have...

Blogger- I love this app obviously it amazing so I can blog on the go and not need my laptop all the time!

LinkedIn- I rarely use this but downloaded it just to clear my notifications I was getting through email. 

Bookmark for monologues- Doing acting work its always good to have monologues memorised, and I found this website brilliant for it.

Airbrush- This is a new app I downloaded, I'm enjoying it at the min, but I'm constantly changing what photo editing apps I use

YouTube Capture- Obvious must have, brilliant for filming high quality clips throughout the day.

Plant Nanny- This app has been a god send, it helps me track how much water I'm drinking because I either drink too much or too little in a day.

Creative Shape- Again another photo editor but this one I only really use for changing the shapes of my photos

And on this one...

Facebook- I am continuously using Facebook I think I'm addicted to it, its one of those social networks that you think you can live without so you deactivate your account and then find yourself reactivating it in a few hours.

Twitter- Current obsession, I was never really big on twitter but I'm definitely stating to use it more not

Barclays Banking- Love this, amazing for checking your bank balance when you cant be arsed to go to a cashpoint (ATM)

WhatsApp- Really only use this one to talk to my parents when they leave the country.

Clue- (Warning TMI) This app has been spot on for tracking my periods and telling me when I'm going to come on and when I'm ovulating, also for keeping track of my birth control.

Mail Online- Really only use this for celebrity gossip.

Facebook Messenger- Use this on occasion when someone messages me, don't tend to actively message people on there.

Instagram- This is a app I wish I was better on, but my photography skills have much to be desired, I do love to go on it to see how creative some people are though.

Pinterest- Another app I continuously use, I'm always pinning away (usually food) but I absolutely adore this app!

Last but not least

Music Downloader- I used this to just get songs I couldn't find on iTunes

Buzz Feed- Isn't BuzzFeed amazing? I think that's all that needs to be said about that app :)

Snapchat- Used to use this a lot, not so much anymore, got a bit sick of it atm.

BubbleWitch2- Loved this, until I got stuck on a level and now I cant be bothered with it!

So their you have it, that's what is on my phone! What apps out of them do you use and love? Or do you have any you'd recommend, leave your answers down bellow :)