Friday, 13 November 2015

Why painting your own nails sucks!

Now, lets be honest, painting your own nails sucks, I wouldn't say I'm the worse at it but oh lord I hate doing it! Plus as the first two pictures show, my little cousin gets me to paint her nails as well. I hate It with a passion, it takes so long to do, ages to dry and then within a few hours its probably already chipped! It is just so much easier to go to the salon and get them done!

Thumb-Minnie Mouse
Index Finger-Elmo
Middle Finger-Apple
Ring Finger-Cookie
Pinkie-Hamm from ToyStory

Ignore the floppy Disk Haha Proper throwback to the 90's there but Union Jack didn't turn out anywhere near as well as I wanted to!

Snowy Tree, Don't ask!

Minnie Mouse Attempt! Loved this one actually!

Thumb- Minnie Mouse
Index and middle- Apples
Ring Finger- I have no idea
Pinkie- Hamm From ToyStory

Noticing a pattern yet on what I'm not too bad at doing? haha

Who ever said writing on nails was easy? LIED!!! But this one was for a good cause so I don't mind!

Last but not least whoever created Water Marbling nail art should be shot!! It never looks as good as you think it will, it gets everywhere and is so messy! I shall never attempt that crap again!

So let me know, do you like nail art are you good at it? Or do you prefer to pay to get yours done?