Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Goodbye 2015


Now let's be honest 2015 must of been one of my worst years, well apart from 2014 but that's another thing and we will go into that another time! 

But 2015 sucked!!! 

2015 went so quick, and I succeed nothing apart from drinking copious amounts of alcohol and chain smoking a lot of cigarettes, plunged myself into debt and battled illness and depression the entire time! All whist being medically unfit to work! Sounds like a right laugh doesn't it? 

So it's now 2016 and I'm having to start again 😫 but what should I do with my life now? 

Well in the last 4 days I have applied for over 50 jobs, haven't smoked or drank alcohol, and have already booked myself into the doctors to get help for my medical problems! 

So what does this all mean? 

I know it's only 4 days into January and I have a long way to go, but you can change if you want to, you just need to recognise there's things to change, I could of stayed in the self destructive path I was on but I've already wasted a year! What's the point in wasting my twenties? 

I have come to remember my dreams and this year I want to get back into acting, I've been acting and wanted to be a actress since I was 4 years old and somewhere along the line I gave up on my dream! But we only get one life, why not live it too the fullest! 

So in 2016 I plan to.... 
Remain alcohol free 
•Remain cigarette free
•Return to work
•Get out of debt
•Continue to battle my depression
•Chase my dreams
•Become physically fit

So what's your dreams? How was your 2015?  And what do you have planned for this year??