Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Graze Box Review

I recently ordered a graze box because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I honestly think I may be obsessed now, I got the variety box and it was only £3.99 and for how much you get, it's so cheap!!!
On their website you get lots of options on what you want or you can leave it up to chance, I personally went through and "binned" a few things I knew I wouldn't like such as olives, but its up to you. Their website is so simple to use, and quick too, you also have a choice to change your deliveries from once a week, every two weeks, or every month, also if you want you can snooze your orders as well, (up to four weeks) in case you want a break from receiving them!

What was in my box:

Wholegrain banoffee dippers.
These are pretty self explanatory, this included: whole meal banana shortbread and toffee sauce, and they were absolutely lovely, they're only 147 calories but believe me it feels like your eating something with way more calories than that! I personally loved everything about this one and can't wait to get this one again. Honestly it's worth buying a box just for these!

Texan Corn Salsa.
This pack included: salsa almonds, corn chips, jumbo chilli corn and roasted corn, I really liked this one as well, they had quite a bit of spice to them and I couldn't stop eating it, again this has very low calories at 155 per punnet. I didn't think I liked almonds but this definitely changed my mind.

Garden Of England.
This includes: Mini Strawberries, Apple and Blackcurrants
I must admit I love fruit, but dried fruit has never really appealed to me, but once again this was really nice, I enjoyed the blackcurrants the most in this one, because they had the most flavour, however personally dried apple just doesn't float my boat. But... Can we take a moment to appreciate how cute the name of this one is! Calories:79

Salted Pecan & Chocolate Tart.
This includes: Milk Chocolate and salted almond buttons, pecans, chopped dates and pumpkin seeds
The chocolate in this one is so good, and I have never liked dates but they work really well in this combination. You get the crunch of the pecans and pumpkins seeds along with the chewiness of the dates followed by the smoothness of the chocolate almond buttons, it makes for a brilliant flavour combination! Also milk chocolate and salted almond buttons who came up with that? It's amazing! Calories: 192 per punnet.

All in all I think these are well worth the money! I would recommend these to anyone whose looking for healthier snack options.

Have you tried Graze boxes?
What snacks do you like or recommend?


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