Monday, 1 February 2016

MY top 5 best dressed! SAG Awards 2016!

So here is the top 5 best dressed at the SAG awards 2016 (in my opinion)

5: Joanne Froggatt, I absolutely loved this Burberry dress, the colour is absolutely gorgeous, but it doesn't exactly have the wow factor, so that is why its my 5th favourite!

4:Laverne cox, now once again I love the colour and shape of this dress by designer Atelier Prabal Gurung, really there's nothing to not like!

3:Rachel Mcadams, in a Elie Saab dress she looks absolutely gorgeous and can we just appreciate the intricate detail!

2: Kate Winslet did it again in this stunning Armani dress, how does this woman do it? She seems to be looking younger every time I see her! Its just an absolutely beautiful dress that shows off her amazing body!

1:Emilia Clarke! This beautiful fuchsia Dior (Haute Couture) dress is well deserved in top place I think, everything about this dress is gorgeous the shape the colour everything, and it gives great contrast with her skin colour as well! 

So there you have it MY top 5 best dressed at the SAG awards, do you agree? or disagree and who would be in your top 5?

Nicole xoxoxox

(I do not own any rights to the above pictures)