Monday, 1 February 2016

What we where obsessed with in England 1990-2010

Growing up in the mid to late 90's and early 2000's was brilliant, and I've seen a lot of these types of blogs but they're mostly American so here is what people where obsessed with in England at that time :)

Ice Gems! Did anyone actually like these? I know I didn't you'd just eat them because your mum put them in your lunchbox and you wasn't "cool" if you didn't have them!

The Motorola Razr! Now in my school you weren't popular if you didn't have one of them! To be honest i'm not entirely sure why! They were pretty shite! But you know they were pink so that somehow made them cool!

Prayer Beads! Not entirely sure how this trend started! Honestly though this was late 2000's and people had these in so many different colours, we didn't have them for religious reasons, these where a fashion statement and still to this day no one has any idea why we were so obsessed with them!
Dairylea Lunchables... You was one lucky so and so if you found one of these in your lunchbox especially the ones with a Capri sun and Daim Sweets in it, The hot dog one was pretty rank but the pizza was pretty good! (Until it got banned) If you have ever eaten a Lunchable as adult you know they're pretty disgusting as I found out the other day, was being all nostalgic and it led to me consuming one of these god awful things. These where pretty much a staple in a English child's life, you more than likely got one of these when you went on a crappy school trip.

Gummy sweets, these had a proper branded name but for the life of me and cant remember and google didn't know what I was on about! These things were not only really disgusting but I remember them being really bloody sticky as well and had a weird smell!

Ye old faithful Nokia 3310 now these where the shit! Hours spent playing snake and wasting money one different coloured buttons that didn't really work and having a huge collection of cases that you would swap with your friends. The battery life on these were amazing! Why cant phone batteries last this long now?! That's another point actually if your phone did die you know once every millennia, everyone pretty much had the same phone so you could just swap your battery with theirs, do what you needed to do and swap them back again, ah things where so much simpler then. Who could text on one of these without looking and get it all correct? I know I could!

Mr Blobby, he was one scary f***er still gives me nightmares to this day! Whose idea was it to make this terrifying thing a kids tv show?

Yup the picture is true... that shit burned! Especially as you would put it in your eyes just to see if the bottle was true haha

Stick on earrings where crap they didn't stick and looked awful, but until you could persuade your mum (in my case dad) to let you get your ears pierced these would do in the mean time!

I had one of these and looking back now they are truly horrifying, why on earth would you want a doll with no face? And also the faces you did draw on it just looked like shit anyway! Did not see the point in these! Plus they were bloody expensive!

Chuckle Vision was pretty crap! But still to this day you cant pick up anything with someone else without saying "To Me To You"

Jelly shoes! Why oh why did these make a comeback? They're awful! They stink they give you such bad blisters and you're forever trying to dig stones out the bottom of them! In my opinion these should of stayed in the past!!

Weird hairstyles! You know that time you put chopsticks in your hair because you saw Lizzie McGuire had done it and it looked really good on her and you thought you could pull it off? Yup we've all been there! And the crap tonne of butterfly clips you've put in your hair before? I think its best not to talk about it!

Oh my god if you opened your lunchbox and found one of these you were so lucky they where stupidly expensive and lets be honest stupidly good, although if your parents did splash out on a pack of these you always knew the White and milk chocolate balls one would go first!

Sky Dancers! How awesome where they? Until you know they inexplicably flew over next doors fence because you couldn't be told and played with it outside!

If you didn't have a pair of Nike Air's you were apparently a nobody! I never really saw the attraction to them, I thought they were bulky and pretty ugly! But yet again they where a social symbol!

Candy sticks that you would pretend where cigarettes, I know cool right! And then you would try to put your spiderman tattoo on that would never fully turn out right and would take weeks to bloody come off!

The Spice Girls! The holy grail of any girls life growing up at the time, still to this day you can remember every lyric to every song! You would dance around your bedroom singing every song into your hairbrush, and watching Spice Girls live in Wembley over and over again, and being shocked that they done a whole song in the nude!

Blow up bags where pretty pointless, they didn't stay inflated and where a lot more see through than the one in the picture, so everyone could see what you had in it, once again they had a pretty weird smell but you just had to have one in every colour!

Oh yeah also the black school trousers with built in skirt on the top? And the backless school shoes? What was all that about?

So there is just a few things about being a kid in England.

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane :)

Nicole xoxoxoxox