Friday, 17 June 2016

Just a quick message

Trying all I can to find my inner strength!! It's really difficult when the life you have known for the past 3 years completely changes and you feel lost as though your comfort blanket has been removed, but you try to be independent and not rely on people or burden them with your issues! Coming out of a "emotionally/mentally" abusive relationship is the worse kind of hell, learning how to adjust to being on your own, and trying to relearn that you are worthy of love, honesty, loyalty and respect, these things you may all take for granted I am now learning I am worth of, and what I went through wasn't my fault, that I don't need to bottle up how I feel and suppress everything just because people say "you're a strong person" grieving the end of a relationship is only natural (even a bad one), and I don't need people to tell me "I'm better off without him" "shit happens" "move on" I know all of this and I'm trying and I'm trying to start again, it takes time, and I know this is how people try to help, but all you need to do is listen, I don't need you to say anything, I don't need you to slag him off or even understand, just having someone to listen to you so you can take the weight of your chest is a big relief, and the rest will be healed in time. No one wants to go through this kind of thing alone, I know how that feels and its suffocating!

All I'm asking is if you know someone going through something like this offer them your support, or just drop them a message to let them know that you're hoping their okay, such a simple act will mean more to them then you will ever know :) xxx