Saturday, 31 December 2016

Two hours to go...

The new year is just two hours away and as I'm sat alone at home, with nothing to do or nowhere to go, I can't help but feel a deep pang of lonliness, but the rational side of my brain is saying is it really that bad? This time last year I had already gone out for dinner with my friends and we were just about to get ready to go out to a club, in all honesty that's all I want to remember of last new year, the sad truth is that night... Once we arrived in town, my boyfriend at the time spent the majority of the night ignoring me and chatting up other girls, only talking to me to either embarrass me or insult me infront of other people, and my best friend ended the night in tears, because the whole night had a huge cloud of awkwardness and well complete crapness hanging over it, and it only got worse, with the envitabilty of alcohol being abused and then arguments happened. So all in all it was a rather large shit show. The friends I spent that night with bar 3 are all out of my life now, vast reasonings behind each and everyone of them, but I honestly don't think I would change it, I've grown a lot over this year and feel more at peace now with being alone and not relying on anyone anymore.
So is me being on my own tonight that much of an issue? Because I know I never want to relive that night again! 
What are your plans for tonight? I think I'm just gonna have a glass of wine and watch some crap on the telly. 
Happy new year! 😊🥂